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CODE NAMEDescription
A&D Alienable and Disposable
BBIM Barangay Boundary Index Map/s
BI Base Map
BSWM Bureau of Soils and Water Management
CAD Computer Aided Design
CADC Certificate of Ancestral Domain Claim
CALT Certificate of Ancestral Land Title
CARP Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program
CBD Central Business District
CBMS Community Based Monitoring System
CDP Community Development Plan
CD-ROM Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CLOA Certificate of Land Ownership Award
CLUP Comprehensive Land Use Plan
CPDO City Planning and Development Officer
DA Department of Agriculture
DAO DENR Administrative Order
DBMS Data Base Management System
DENR Department of Environment and Natural Resources
DILG Department of Interior and Local Government
DOE Department of Energy
ELA Executive Legislative Agenda
EM Environment
FMB Forest Management Bureau
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GIO Geographic Information Officer
GIS Geographic Information System
GIT Geographic Information Technology
GPS Global Positioning System
HLURB Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board
HLURB CO Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board Central Office
IATFGI Inter-Agency Task Force Geographic Information
ID Identification
IPC Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines
IPD Information Product Description
IRA Internal Revenue Allotment
IS Infrastructure
ISF Integrated Social Forest
IT Information Technology
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
LAN Local Area Network
LC Land Classification
LCE Local Chief Executive/s
LDIP Land Development Investment Plan
LGU Local Government Unit
LM Land-use Management
LMB Land Management Bureau
LRA Land Registration Authority
MBIM Municipal Boundary Index Map/s
MDG Millenium Developemt Goals
MIMS Municipal Index Maps
MPDC Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator
MPDO Municipal Planning and Development Office
NAMRIA National Mapping and Resource Information Agency
NGA National Government Agencies
NHI National Historical Institute
NIPAS National Integrated Protected Areas System
NSCB National Statistical Coordination Board
NSO National Statistics Office
OCR Optical Character Recognition
PAWB Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau
PBS Political Boundary Survey
PC Personal Computer
PCLUP Provincial Comprehensive Land Use Plan
PIMS Provincial Index Maps
POPCOM Population Commission
PPCS Philippine Plane Coordinate System
PPFP Provincial Physical Framework Plan
PRS 92 Philippine Reference System of 1992
PSGC Philippine Standard Geographic Code
PSIC Philippine Standard Industrial Code
PTM Philippine Transverse Mercator
SAFDZ Strategic Agriculture and Fisheries Development Zones
SB Sangguniang Bayan
SE Socio-economic
SP Sangguniang Panlalawigan
SURP School of Urban and Regional Planning
SW Software
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TOR Terms of Referrence
TRANSCO National Transmission Corporation
UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply
USB Universal Serial Bus
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
WAN Wide Area Network
WGS 84 World Geographic System of 1984
ZO Zoning Ordinance
Ver 1.0
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