2.05 GIS for Beneficiaries / Stakeholders

Tue, 11/06/2007 - 18:49
The process of preparing the CLUP requires transparency and public participation. Stakeholders’ participation is important in the planning process since this gives them the opportunity to play an active role in the decision-making and in the subsequent activities whose impacts and outcomes will affect them. Encouraging public participation however is a daunting task, and an important step for enjoining the public to participate in the CLUP planning and implementation process is to raise the levels of their awareness of the value of their involvement in local governance. To make the CLUP better understood by any local citizen, it is important to have a CLUP document that is simple, concise, and makes use of graphics that are easy to understand and are devoid of technical terms. In this way, the CLUP document becomes more comprehensible to the layman, and the proposals that will affect the ordinary citizen will be better understood by them. In order for the CLUP to be appreciated by and useful for the various stakeholders, it will be necessary to prepare a CLUP version wherein the highlights of the plan are condensed for the layman. It could be printed in a leaflet or primer that can be distributed to all the stakeholders. In the planning process there will be a good number of presentations, meetings and hearings where stakeholders will be present. (For more details, see Volume 1: ‘A Guide to Comprehensive Land Use Plan Preparation’). There are now tools available to facilitate presentations that are readily available to LGUs such as PowerPoint presentations, which can be used to present the highlights of the CLUP to the stakeholders during consultative meetings and other forums. There is also a template that can be used by the planner where applicable, see the Toolbox, Chapter 4.13. Furthermore, there are guidelines on how a PowerPoint presentation can be enlarged so they can be and be used as a display. For both the CLUP documentation and for display purposes during meetings, the end products of the GIS will provide opportunities to reach out to the stakeholders and communicate the CLUP document in a manner that they will appreciate.
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