1.08 GIS on a Shoestring Budget: Maximizing the use of GIS within the municipal government organization.

Fri, 10/26/2007 - 17:46
The word ‘shoestring’ is used because the current structure of the GIS presented in the Cookbook is based on lower end technology solutions. It is necessary to emphasize that if the LGU does not have a sophisticated computer environment, i.e. existing departmental and/or cross-departmental networks, modern computers, computer-literate employees or the expertise to maintain the system, then it will not be advisable to proceed to higher end technology solutions. As GIS technology flourishes, the opportunities for establishing GIS in lower-income municipalities/cities will increase. To take advantage of these opportunities, these municipalities/cities need to identify existing data sources within the larger organization. The data can then be accessed and/or exchanged, made possible by data sharing agreements that allow free access to GIS data. Furthermore, instead of hiring additional staff, work loads can be distributed among existing staff, thereby maximizing the use of in-house personnel to do additional GIS work. Training the in-house staff can also be made possible without additional expenses. Finally, financing GIS hardware and software can be done through upgrading of existing systems or by including it as part of a larger project that requires GIS services. (See chapter 2.06.01 for more information on municipal integrated database management.)
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